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Vintage bronze desk lamp | Ing - Delisse
Vintage bronze desk lamp | Ing - Delisse
Vintage bronze desk lamp | Ing - Delisse
Vintage bronze desk lamp | Ing - Delisse

Vintage bronze desk lamp | Ing

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If you have ever worked at night, you know how often it is useful to have a table lamp. Such a lamp not only saves energy at night, but also allows you to continue working discreetly and just as effectively. The table lamp with rocking arm that we offer you offers you even more, thanks to its decidedly decorative aspect and that transports us a few decades back in time.

The table lamp with rocking arm is made of the durable material iron and is gold in color. This rather unique lamp immerses you in the American retro fashion. This type of lamp was very popular in the past and is coming back into fashion for a retro style. It has the shape of an arm and is adjustable to three levels according to your convenience and needs.

Better yet, the table lamp with rocking arm allows you to work even when your spouse is resting next to you at night. It is therefore a suitable lighting accessory for a bedroom, a bedside table, a desk. 

A desk lamp that combines the useful with the pleasant

The Ing vintage bronze desk lamp is a pleasing fixture to the eye and intrigues all who cross its gaze. It proves to be a magnificent decorative accessory that will attract all who see it. Installed on a desk or wooden furniture it reveals more of its potential and brilliance.

Moreover, it offers a consistent lighting and a good power to allow you to work in the night or the dark, without damaging your eyes. For a trendy decoration with old style accessories, the table lamp with rocking arm is what you should choose. It will also make a great gift for anyone who loves timeless objects and accessories or who is an antique dealer at heart.


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Vintage bronze desk lamp | Ing
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